Month: May 2016

Dreaming of a handmade childhood

Katherine and Kitty is the daydream of a mother and daughter who believe that childhood is magic, deserving the best type of friends to play with, tell stories to and dress up.

Dolls and dresses, each one hand-made

Sewing dolls carefully, with extra strong thread and with double seams, using organic wool stuffing and the best quality jersey fabric for skin and creating unique hairstyles with CE/Oeko-Tex certified wool and wefts, these little ones can ┬ábe safely given to the youngest of children. On dolls with mohair and hand-dyed locks, we would not give these to children under the age of 10 – they are safe but require very delicate care. They are all unique, with their own character and story to tell. A new range of machine-sewn, hand embellished dolls made with high quality cotton and wool-felt are ideal companions for children old enough to safely carry their own best friends in the specially designed tote bags.

A wardrobe fit for a life of adventure and games

The garments, dresses, cardigans, shoes and coats are all made with EN71/CE safe materials and securely stitched with safe openings that small hands can play with. Ribbons are kept short so they cannot be entangled with and any buttons (velcro can be added instead) can be removed if given to little ones still prone to pulling or putting things in their mouths.

Tell your own story

Perhaps you have a particular type of doll in mind: does your child have a curly mop? do they want pink fluffy pigtails on their new best friend? Come visit here on on instagram to tell me more!